Small : 6" wide

Medium: 8" wide

Large: 10" wide



Sublimation transfers must be used with recommended 65% polyester are higher (higher the polyester count more vibrant colors will appear), some do use with as low as 50% polyester count on white and/or light colored garments. Many designs can be sublimated onto other items (Sublimation blanks--mugs, garden flags, etc. please see a sublimation blank vendor site for other options) 

These type transfers CAN NOT be applied to a dark-colored or black garments because there is not white ink used. Where the image appears white, it will become the color of the shirt. White will keep it white, but if you apply to a gray or other color garment, the white colors will be whatever color the shirt is. You can think of Sublimation as being "transparent" in color as the high quality inks are permanently dyed INTO not onto garment. The design color will be altered slightly when you receive sublimation transfer as the true colors when appear more vibrant once pressed. 

General Instructions: (these are recommended only as may need to adjust accordingly due to different garment types and heat presses)
– Heat Press temp 385-400 degrees F 
– 60 seconds
– medium pressure

Peace Love Softball Sublimation Transfer